If I were a lesbian?

I’m not in general attracted to women. But as a girl child I dreamed about look like Audrey Hepburn. (A very unrealistic dream!) As older I like the Joan Jett look. So I must fancy a certain female look? Yet there’s only one girl in this world (so far) making me think “If I were a lesbian”... because she’s so hot!

It’s a dancer at Tina Turner show during later years. I have even looked her up, found her name – and a bit disappointed also found out it’s superior and only her performances with Tina Turner that turns me on. I check Tina-videos time to time on Youtube only to look at this dark-haired sexy dancer. Those stage performances with Tina makes her glow and bloom of both of sensuality and sexiness (no, it is not the same thing!) Her name is Clare Turton Dericco. And I love her dark hair and her haircut with the bangs over one eye and her cute little tummy and all her moves… mama mia!


If I were a lesbian
I had desired Clare,
conditionally to
how she danced
with Tina on stage
before an audience.

If I were a lesbian,
I’d asked for your
unconditional love,
not to be directed to
private rooms, hidden
from the public eye.






I’m happy to live in a country there homosexuals are accepted and protected by the society and there it is a criminal act to hurt them and offend them. I don’t deny there are prejudices people here and that hate crimes occurs in Sweden too. But life here is so far much better than in Asia, Africa or Russia.

A young brat from Tunisia, one of many pen pals coming and running off, once wrote me I have a stone instead of brain in my head. Because I in a conversation we had, denied his statement homosexuality is scientifically proven as a mental illness (to be treated).

Surely he wanted to offend me, but the image of me with a stone in my head was and remains just laughable – a statement as such about me falls on its absurdity. And I also laughed when I read it because I had just the very same minute been thinking this guy really had a brick in the head.  😀

However, I had the good taste and courtesy not to tell him.

It may be the difference between a female brain-stone and a manly brain-brick? No, I’m only joking, but it’s certainly the difference between to be truly tolerant and having good manners and claim to be tolerant but in reality being intolerant and having bad manners.

But it’s very right sexuality is a brain “thing” and has nothing to do with any emotional heart condition or the specific equipment’s of the genitals – or “lifestyle” for that matter. It’s shocking that people born into a certain religion demands acceptance from the world around for their certain religious beliefs for at the next take the right to deny, oppress and persecute people born with a certain sexuality or gender.

Yes,  homosexuals and women have the rights to live free from patriarchal and religious repression. That is a cornerstone for all people living free. No exceptions. “God” is not so intolerant that he would approve to the oppression of his own creations.

This young man claimed he respect others as long they respect him. When I did not agree with him in those matters we discussed, he experienced it as if I was disrespecting him… Which – I guess –  would allow him to repressive consequences to the other…?? In this certain told situation the consequence was the young man became unreasonable upset and verbal offensive.

Some people in Africa – both North Africa and the rest of the continent – takes the liberty to claim that everything in the West (people living in West and our habits) are bad, oppressive, atheistic, prejudiced, ignorant and racists. All this while in Africa there are loads of sexual abuses of small children, persecution and violence of homosexuals and mutilation of girls and severe oppression of women and children, a nonexistent free media and grave and high corruption – and all this is common rather than exceptions and the major cause of poverty, preventing any developments towards social welfare and health for the people.

But many Africans in common say and believe, all those anomalies is all due to European colonialism once and the repression from the whites and it is the fault of intervention from US. It’s like a “blah blah blah blah…” and they think they will get away with it, this bullshit talk! For them it is not at all self-made in the now. And individual Europeans are expected to be stay silent in shame of the past and take the crap from “the poor disadvantaged ones”, cowardly fearing to otherwise be accused of racism, or whatever. All while West societies goes on load money into the continent for charity and trades, making the local and corrupt rich ones richer.

Oh no, it is time to be treated and talked to as being an equal. So be it! And no one can tell me homosexuality is “disgusting” and asking me for to respect that kind of opinion and its deeds, because I think that is so utterly disgusting and unacceptable. And it’s actually criminal deeds! 😦

It will never become acceptable. Just face it.




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