Happiness is an overrated condition.
I cannot do it more than five minutes
at a time. So, let’s get a flat and a bed
and a fridge for two – and get over it!
Yes, become like normal people with
a life together. I see your radiant face,
it looks like if the sun is shining hard
on you – but your face shines because
you look at me! And I feels like I have
a lamp brilliant in my head and its light
pierces out of my eye sockets and it’s
all because of you. And this all together
with time – it’s quite unbearable. Verily,
I love you but happiness is an overrated
condition. It’s like become exhausted by
too much sunbathing. Simply too much
passion – all that love stuff! So let’s take
a break! You can go out on town with all
your friends and I back away to my
writing lair… Shall we?

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