Ms. Evil Eye on visit





What now – Ms. Evil Eye on visit –
I spit three times over my left shoulder:

If she comes near me again I swear
and promise I would rather kill myself
than let her stay around, because she’s
nothing but messy dirt and degradation
from past and evil times – a ghost from
what once was but is no more. Whatever
she tell herself her intentions are, all she
can accomplishes is to fill me with creepy
feelings so heinous I’d prefer to be dead
than relive them again. Now – as before
she never has one good word to say but
sly snide and sarcastic comments. It’s like
she think she knows me, owns me and has
rights on me and my life, as if I owe her
any. But I deny it and  curse her to get out
of my sight so I can live and breathe, free
from past shadows – be in the present and
see a future and you, whom I love.

Roman-era mosaic from Antioch depicting a plethora of devices against the evil eye, Wikipedia







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