Was it worth it?

Bunker, Dennis Miller. Yellow Rose. c. 1887.

I woke up today feeling hurt,
saying to myself: I just wanted
to be loved, was it too much to
ask for?

I say woman to woman – if a man
causes you more tears than smiles,
you better think twice, because
it’ll never be good or better!

Falling in love, oh that’s wonderful.
Relationships is another thing – it
begins like a treasure from heaven
but after a while it’s a life like in hell.

And how is it really:
In the past you’ve excused parents,
friends, siblings and lovers for not
giving you the love you deserved
and yearned for. When will you
end finding excuses for having
been misused?

When will you
make a stand for yourself?

Oh man! Last night your verbal
clumsiness made me feel like I’m
not only unloved but not lovable
at all! Was it worth it for you?


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