Once we were young and pretty

thin-skin-1Once we were young and pretty,
but now we’re old and what then
rose high and proudly is now grey
and dried, low and slow and life
has become a struggle with our
bodies failures.

Although we have lost the beauty
and attraction of a youth, we need
and desire the same as the young.
Our thin and frail skin is starving,
longing to be touched by a lovers
healing hands – because the older
we get, the less we get.

robotic cat for elderly

robotic cat for elderly

Our future is no longer an endless
road with yet coming possibilities
in a wide landscape, but a harbor
and a sign telling you “road’s end”.
You surely knew it, but now it’s your
own personal and brutal reality with
no options.

Soon enough you may end up at an
elderly care, sitting at a window with
your hands idly resting in your lap –
drifting in thoughts of your childhood,
absently hoping for a visit or what for
dinner. But you have lost your taste
robotic-petfor food and your sons are too busy
living their lives to have any time to
visit you.

This can really be our final destiny:
To become exiled and limited objects
for professionals briskly and alienated
measures. Know: they have invented
robots to satisfy our emotional needs!
But what to do? Well, we can run away
to become musicians in Bremen.

poster Pigpen Theatre Co. BREMEN

poster Pigpen Theatre Co. BREMEN



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