Trump “loves Sweden and the Swedes” – and the Swedes?

peeking-around-the-corner-3Trump ” loves Sweden and the Swedes” – and the Swedes? No, we don’t love him.

This “so called” President is a catastrophe for the free democratic forces in his country. What’ll come after his disasters is hard to say, but it’ll be tough times for “the people” he claims to represent. Hopefully for the rest of the world his damages will be limited to stay inside the borders he tells he cherishes and the walls he wants to build.

When it comes to his “fake facts” about Sweden, some Swedes fears – yes, even our government  – he will destroy our “image” abroad. I don’t know what “image” we have overseas? But he has surely put Sweden on the map. Good! You are all welcome to visit us and see – not a Paradise, but a very nice country in a troubled world.


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