Walking alone



People who wishes I should be happy
or strive for to be it, annoys me over all
limits. I simply can’t stand them or their
demands on me to legitimate their banal
worldviews. Personal happiness is such
an overestimated ideal to hold and as a
desire nothing but a diversion and dead
end. To be moving is what’s essential for
both body and brain. Walking alone is
better than to join the noisy crowds paths
and it’s better for your wellbeing to walk
alone than to live with negative folks who
breathe acid over you all the day long and
poison your life over time. Beware of those
who talks you down, while claiming they
want to lift you up! Though, it’s certainly
a basic fact the human species survives
through others and become sick or even
dies without them. Yet, you’re never such
alone as long you have books and music
and drama, as long there’s nature around
you and pets to tenderly touch. You have
your dreams to dream and memories of
a love that once was yours. It’s no others
business. You love those you meet until
they proves otherwise, not being lovable.
Most do, but it’s not a proof of anything.
This sad world, jailed by social systems,
need its lone walkers on the wayside, to
become created over and over again. And
personal happiness is a diversion, but to
be moving is essential. Happiness is only
a bonus – if it would occur.



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