there was once a time
blooming-thistleI was transported around
like a bag – childhood times
ending in left to loneliness

new times, you flies over
the world in a second, yet
you never leave your room
disclosing yourself to clouds
lands hard on living room floor

I’ve never before had so many
friends and never before lost
so many so hard and so hurtful

my love turned around to be just
a mirage in your desert, the one
you painted for me like an oasis.

I can no longer sniff honesty and
blooming-thistlegood will from dishonesty and
betrayal, before it’s performed

I have to bite your cheek to know
your flesh and soul is real, taste
your blood in my mouth to know
you are you

and I did and now you’re gone
wounded and I flies alone in an
endless space where there’s no
light and cold stars are so many
my tears freezes to ice

cold and cleared in my head and
heart and my feet grounded, I got
a lesson or two – to make it better
next time

(a heart’s desires never dies and
hope knocked down raise again
like a Fenix bird)

see sunrise… you never saw it
look better than aged battered
to the ground, eating thistles…




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