The path to the ponds nearby my home and heart

Are you sure life is like a path
and not like a duck swimming
in the pond begging you for a

Are you certain living is about
goals and successes and not to be
like a duck swimming in a pond,
begging you for bread?

I’m just asking!


Life must not be funny. It is good
as it is. You must not be a success,
not even to yourself. You don’t need
to be good. You are okay as you are.
When sun shines hard and strong –
every speck of dust double-exposed,
then it is hard to let go. To let it be
good as it is. Let it be. You can allow
you to smile a little. It won’t harm you.

Life is hard, for some of us harder.
But there are moments for everyone.
You’ll survives on them over the pits.

To look aside at others and envy them
diminishing the pleasure of your good
moments. You have to keep focus and
breathe calmly and confident, as only
in perspective you’ll see the fulfillment
that is yours.


Two of the pictures are from ponds and natural reserve 5 minutes walk from my home across a meadow – and yet I actually live in an rental house in a city. The video below is a promotional video, but I didn’t find another video that I liked with this song by Tracy Chapman and its specific lyrics I wants to share with you. In a way the images match my subject. 🙂

 (from the album Our Bright Future 2008)

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