I buy cat litter and on the bag is written
the content is environmentally friendly
and further the information provocative
encourages me to “Choose joy”!

Every time I go the toilet to pee I read
this “Choose joy” and every time I ask
myself: “Could I – or should I – abandon
my blue moods to cheery laugh around?”
But then I may slip on an icy patch and
hurt me (again)? As life is terrible hard,
trust Trump on that!

And I read an online self-improvement site…
it was about how to break down the walls in
your mind to reach success and happiness…

No matter how you personally defines it!
(that’s Trump again!)

I heard a life style coach on television talk
about broken relationships and what his
personal experiences from a divorce had
taught him – and it all can be boiled down
to three rules, he said. First: accept you
have been abandoned and the love is over
for good. Secondly: don’t talk to everyone
you know about your suffering crisis, but
lean on a few close friends.

Thirdly – well, I’ve forgot what that was…

Because I looked at his vulnerable face
and eyes and it told me he had not yet
overcome his grief and sadness – no
matter what he said. But whatever is?
Make a living of it? (Trump once more).

I have not accepted what went wrong
between you and me. I don’t want to!
But I have only talked about you with
my son (that’s good then!). But even
he expects I have overcome you now.
I have not! Cohen had his secret life.
So have I. Because you can’t turn off
love like you turn off a water tap.

I knew right, but I made it wrong.
You knew wrong but made what
was right. Now you’re gone and
all I have is a paper bag wisdom
containing the litter that sucks up
tears you don’t dare to care for.
You said “love” and “forever” but
it was just words spread like litter.


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