Are you really gone?






I could write epistles for hours and
days about how much I miss you.

(And I do.)

(I work hard to find the right words
for this specific condition: to miss
someone – but it’s like you vanish
in periphery in the writing process.)

(Days passes by and becomes weeks.
I walk as in dusky deserts and I can’t
believe it’s true, you’re gone? Well,
it’s obvious you are not with me!)

(Can I even remember your face?)

Yet in a break – like between sleep
and awakening or when I absently
goes to the kitchen to make me
some tea… Sudden comes  your
face for my inner eye…

…sharp and clear as at a professional
taken photo. Then an instant missing
you hits me hard and tears comes in
my eyes with no permission…

(I can’t, can’t! And I won’t! No, I can’t
grasp the grim fact you’re gone – and
gone forever. It can’t be true?)

Can it?



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