Lifting me higher and lovelier






Maybe I will be lucky and
someone else comes my
way, but “someone else”
can never be him.

But the thought does not
hurt anymore. Yet, what
lingers will not be good.

That to say – our memories
adapts to fit our new views.
To say – memories are lyingcolor-glasses
to us…

As he is the same, no matter
time or color of my glasses!

He is and he was a lovely man –
nice and sexy, but narrow-minded,
bound to his dogmas, grim for a
loving woman. That’s why…

his love didn’t lifted me higher,
but lowered me down – and he
refused to admit this was truth
about him. (As a lover!)

(Yet, whether looking back or
looking forward – what is true
in a world of “alternative facts”?)


Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth dancing in the movie “You never where lovelier” from 1942. The song they seems to dance in this video is “Your love keeps lifting me higher and higher” – yet this song was released firstly 1967 (with Jackie Wilson). So what music did they really dance to in the movie?

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