I greet you (Blue City)

Not all the sad amorous poor boys of Morocco
looking for a better life and a living, nor its sweet
clementines, sugared mint tea, almond cookies or
silly Laws of Allah can give me any relief or escape
from my own life mystery, my daily life hardships
or all the sorrows I struggle privately or overtly.

cat in Chefchaouen

cat in Chefchaouen

I’m so fed up with my emotions – always too much
of words and too little of deeds. I wish for an open
door to my mind to let the hot cat out, to give me
some peace in my troubled head and heart. Truly,
I feel like a romantic fool living in a fantasy world.
All those tempting but mushy and mixed feelings
wasting my time and wear me out – while I deeply
longing for serenity to come my way, to make me
wise and better in tune with my age and maturity.

For all what you never were. For all the love never
came into use. For all the happiness past my nose,
just to leave a scent of what could have been. For
all bitter tears fill oceans. For every new morning’s
“maybe” never come true! For all the “forgive and
forget” I never learned. For all and for nothing. For
the boys of Morocco! For Blue City dreams and for
distant trades. For the vibrant red blood in my veins
and all the homeless cats in world – I greet you all!

Cat in Chefchaouen Morocco

Cat in Chefchaouen Morocco

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