The day begins as gloomy as I am





The day begins as gloomy as I am –
instant pain in my heart the same.
“Good morning” I greet my grief and
make myself a plate with yogurt and
oats to soak. I take my dose insulin
and wash my hair. “Life can be good
even with diabetes”, “we” are always
told. If it was not good before so why
would it be now? And you told once
“I have a friend having the same and
she’s perfectly happy, why not you?”
I thinks, fall in love with someone as
blunt as you is worse than living with
diabetes. So, why when do I wake up
with a pain in my chest, missing you?
Why fear I this grief will vanish and
I’ll forget you? You’re right, I should
be perfectly happy with life – you off!
I’m not. I eat and sleep and miss you.


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