Early Morning

woman with a cat, Pablo Picasso 1900

woman with a cat, Pablo Picasso 1900

I wake up very early in the morning and
I start to read through my old texts, those
I work on now to do something off. And it
strikes me in my reading, some years ago
I had not yet realized commas is differently
used in English language than in Swedish.

So sudden surprisingly a wish rises in me –
I want someone I know to read my lines…

But same instant I realize I can’t bother
him as I probably have lost him. Though
I wasn’t aware he was someone I wanted
to share my thoughts with – as emotions
pulled us together but the gap between
our ways of thinking divided us.

I don’t know if I master English commas
better now. Probably not.

(Maybe I should write in Swedish… and
settle with read for my cat only? Be safe –
as she loves me no matter what I think or
or say or writes?) ( No, I don’t mean that!)

If he chooses to go, I wish he would go to me.
But there’s nothing I can do.







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