Polar Times






There are times you stand as a polar bear
between two ice floes – one foot in the air
and trying to get over save not wet your
feet, when in fact your world is melting
down and threaten to drown you.

It is then the communication between you
and people around you may collapses.

And I give up to try to talk more about my
state and all I say is “I’m fine, thanks.”

The silence around is compact, you could
almost touch it – if you tried! (But you don’t!)

I sleep badly and short but often and I read
novels to pass the time, (while wondering why
any bother to write such a lousy story, to make
a standpoint an essay would do better).

Later and moving on with life, you will forget
about the passed frustrating time. But a thorn
will still stay to sting you deep inside.

text phone korr

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