Now this January!







 Now January has hasty gone from
plus seven Celsius to minus seven
and heavy snow fall causes chaos;
people told to stay home. I stand
at my window feeling a bit stifled
and reduced – yes, trapped by what
he said to me about me. I can’t stay,
I can’t go – yet I have to leave!

I wish to go out to become one of those
dim dark shadows out there in blizzard.
And I imagine how my footsteps would
be quickly covered by the windy snow –
as if I never been here. And he would
never get to know what I felt and not
about what, nor wherever I went.






I guess what he has left for me to do now
is to blur his face and smile out of my mind
and start over? And there are about 7 billion
people on this earth – so he and I, we do not
have to be friends. We can part in peace with
no hard feelings and go to love someone else.

photo by yasb feb 3 2014

photo by yasb feb 3 2014

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