I think of my latest lover

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The year 1971 I was 22, slim and cute and
clever and lonely. Now I’m 67 and I’m not
slim and cute, maybe clever, surely lonely.

And I think of my latest lover in this dark
times of November 2016. I think of him
today – because time doesn’t stand still
but moves like a train on its track and my
clock with no mercy is ticking. And I ask
in the air “has my time for love passed?”
Yes, I know I’m not 22 anymore, yet…

When I look back on my life (I shouldn’t),
my whole life seems like a tundra when it
comes to love and friendships. But every
heart has the same urges, no matter age
or look. And everyone have a need to be
loved and to cling to someone special.

I think of my latest lover, because he was
not good enough to become my last one!
That’s my issue here: understand me!

45 years and loneliness is still choking me
the same – no man ever crosses my path, if
any at all comes around, it’s just a player,
taking a chance. I’m on my guard, but…

Frankly, I’m worried – months have turned
to years since me and my ex parted. I hardly
remember how it’s like to have a love life.
I ask into air: when will I ever meet a lover –
good enough to live with.

I think of my latest lover, as I wish for a better
ending of my love life. Yes, I think of him as he
was not good enough to be my last one!

Yes, I want to acquire a better final memory
of lovemaking to save for my last moment in
this life. And get some joy before all is over.
Chase away the painful feeling of being alone.




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