A random song heard on the radio







All what it takes to get your armor “I’m doing well”-impression to fall into pieces is a random song sudden heard on the radio or TV – and a wound you had forgotten about starts to bleed and hurt as if it were fresh and never healed.

And you realize your heart must have got so many scars through the years it has become callous in daily life – making you believe your heartaches in the past hardly existed for real, but just were stories you read in books, dried as the paper in them.

But you often wake up in an intense mourning mood – and you don’t know why and you wonder about it.

Because you imagine you have a pretty good life and no reason to feel low. Yet it took only one song coming from the past to get you to fall apart – these tender words now heard again makes you remember the betrayal you were subjected to by someone who used this song trying only to hurt you – your trust in people crushed!

(A thousand knives in your chest and three hundred billion blindly staring stars in the sky above and you don’t believe in any gods! And this song in the air promising a love that was never there, only giving harm! Pain, pain!)

The damage you suffered is so much closer to you than you imagine it to be. And you see clearly you were so badly injured back then and on many other occasions too in your past – and you realize you simply cannot hold on to such memories and be able to live in the now.

Therefore you change that tune on the radio for a better one – or you leave the room for a better place to be… and you decide as once before not to be affected with evil deeds done to you, but stepping away from it and keep it at a distance. Yes, to live on as if life could be good.

And maybe it can be!






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