I went downtown and picked up my new eyeglasses






I went downtown last Monday
and picked up my new eyeglasses.

The day after I felt like I peeked
at life through a keyhole. It was…

probably my new spectacle frames –
because now firstly I was able to see
in the mirror how I looked in them.
And I didn’t like the reflection –
I looked different and strange!

When I turned away from the mirror
I got a sudden vision of the way in life
I’m on. And I saw I had turned down
on the wrong path. I should change
and do differently with my life and
with people… And I should be happy!

Yes, I should, I should…!
I should, but tell me how…?

But another new bright day came and
on this day I figured I should not care
so much about all those “should”
in this world… And then –

I tried two side combs in my hair,
just like our mothers and grandmothers
did it in the 1940s.

And the mirror image told me, with
these two combs – my new glasses
would be bearable, almost becoming!
But I was distracted and my thoughts
drifted, occupied with a friend. As he

something the other day I can’t ignore
and it gnaws my mind – and I see him
now through other frames!

And what I see, another hairstyle will
not cure. What I see is likely closing
friendship and I feel this coming loss
will make me poorer and smaller.
(For a while, like with a lizard…)

And I wonder who is he and who
he was all this time? Just another
small-minded and prejudiced guy?
Have I been blindfolded, or has he?
Or have we both been?


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