A man an his guitar

Chris Rea

Chris Rea









He has a smile in his eyes,
his lips want to deny.

And the twinkle in my eye,
might be a reflection of a guy.
It is a dream hardly to be told.

I flee my vain desires and rest
my heart in the tune  coming
from a British  musician, I’m
talking about Chris Rea…

His voice is like a barrel of gravel
poured out on the ground and his
slide guitar hurls me into the sky
and down back on ground.

He hasn’t smiled since age 30
and since age 50 he live with
cancer and treatments, yet at
age 65 he still plays his guitar.

He said “I am always working,
always writing. As a creative
person, it’s a condition that
I have… and not a talent”.
It works for me too.

Whatever is hidden deep down
in anyone’s soul well, he sees only
soul water and he sing its tune.

He has a depth in his eyes,
his lips would never deny.

And heart and soul gets fed.











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