Getting old

elderly-holding-hands1On the evening news – a feature about
home care service and a short interview
with an old gentleman in a wheelchair.

He looked nice. Smiling – very likeable.

He said he always look forward the visits
from the staff of home services. “So I can
get to talk a little,” he said. “And not just
have to talk to the wallpapers, only!”

I was thinking: “But I’m already talking
to my wallpapers!!” Nah?

Twenty years more the same? Would itA lady sits on a bench in Sefton Park, Liverpool during the warm spring weather korr
be worth struggling for?

Nah! Not self-evident!

Earlier this week my doctor asked me –
“Don’t you want to you get old? You’re
still young, I cannot accept your attitude
not allow me to prescribe medication.”

Nah! But self-evident!

So my doctor took a turn and she asked me:
“Is it not something you want to do forward?”
Then she got me talking! But she immediately
interrupted me by saying: “I’m sorry, but yourtrimmed-weather time is out. My next patient is waiting.”

I saw her next patient in the waiting room
when I left. She was very old, white haired
and held sticks in her hands. Her husband
was with her, looking supporting.

I thinks sometimes these days of old people’s
living conditions, as I am 67 years old now
and I’m getting there…

and I wonder, for example…

Maybe old people talk about
old times, not because of old age
but because “we” deny to listen to
their experiences of their present
time? Frail but bursting of desires…





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