And if I would write you a letter?






And if I’d write you a letter,
telling you my heart’s A B C,
showing you how to read and
please me and opened a door
to my life?

But I won’t do it!

And if you would write me a letter,
voice me your heart’s desires, tell
me what pleases you, giving me a
room in your fairytale? But you

And I don’t want you to!

If I’d write you a letter? But I never
will, because your heart’s desires
don’t belong to me and what pleases
you, pleases not me. You and me…

We just have sympathy!

No, I’ll never write you a letter and
you wouldn’t want me to. So why
play with these romantic thoughts?
Everyone plays with thoughts we
would never give a voice to!

It’s just how we are!






Oh, so sweet, Larry L – I wish you would write me! 🙂
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