Watching September leaving (haiku poems)

autumn-leaves-on-a-roadside(to Bill)

September leaving
All my love rains down the drains
My eyes dry and calm




Late summer romance
and he was my perfect match
too good to be true




I loved him, simply
Close my eyes I can see him
And I still miss him





I told him frankly
I gave you my heart not my head
My dreams remain dreams




Making my make up
Tears comes, heart breaks in two
Confirming, “love hurts”!




I miss his presence
I miss all his loving words
I miss his fake love




That song “All of me” –
He always sent it to me
And I believed him!




I’ll let it go now
Watching September leaving
Left alone again




(Bright October light
Coming to cool my hurt heart
Bring me new prospects)







I refer to two songs in my poems:
John Legend “All of me”, “Love Hurts” is a song by Nazareth, but actually I had Bonny Tyler “It’s a heartache” in my head . 



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