Oh, these women body troubles!



Oh, this women troubles – I surely have them too – and how to free oneself for them! It follows a girl her whole life from age 5 to 85. My female body obviously don’t look as desirable as a female body “should”, according to the society’s values. This curse women carry in every part of the world! But I can ensure you, my dear, my body carries desires enough to make you feel very, very wanted – and I can only hope your desire is to discover it behind my imperfections. You told me so nicely when I revealed my doubts over myself “it’s not the perfect body I crave for but the person you are that makes me feel perfect”. Oh my dearest – I don’t know if I’m able to make you feel perfect either, but I will always make you feel wanted and if you  makes me feel wanted the same, then it will work out perfect for us.





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