Pain in my heart






It’s not raining in Georgia and
the sun not shines in California
and there’s no man in moon, nada
no rain on my roof and I deny those
tears in my black coffee, I’ll never
go blind cause I was blinded as child,
I’ll never be knocking on heaven’s
door, cause I’m stuck in hell and not
one shitty little bird is singing on my
sky (except for the one now and he’s
bothering me like a fly) nothing will
ever be alright, no redemption song
for me thanks, I’m trapped by my
roots and my heart is even heavier
than my last name, the sky is never
crying when I do and you, you, you,
you know nothing and I’m done, out
and gone, embarrassed, it’s so sadly
true love comes out of nowhere, don’t
give me then a sentence of two clauses
in which the other is a reservation to
the first written and don’t ask “how
are you?”and don’t ask what causing
my pain, because you’re my pain, no
reservations. And I’m the saddest
that has ever been.




Song titles in my text:
Rainy nights in Georgia (Brook Benton)
California Sun (The Rivieras)
Rain on the roof (The Loving Spoonful)
Black coffee (Lacy J Dalton)
I rather go blind (Etta James)
Knockin’ on heaven’s door (Bob Dylan)
Three little birds (Bob Marley)
Redemption song (Bob Marley)
The sky is crying (Elmore James)
Feels like rain (John Hiatt /Buddy Guy)
Pain in my heart (Otis Redding)

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One Response to Pain in my heart

  1. Marie says:

    Wow! Nice 🙂

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