Caring people






The other day I got a sudden image in my
head I have borne a bowl of snake venom
in my hands without knowing it. Instant
after a sense of liberation came over me –
as if a pressure on me had left me.

It was an odd experience and I couldn’t
understand what it came from – so I put
my brooding aside, thinking tomorrow
would explain and solve my confusion

And next day told me I must sudden
have perceived what I clearly hadn’t
realized before – all my struggles last
year haven’t so much been caused by
problems in my life situation per se –
but more been triggered by feeling
betrayed by people supposed to
be a support to me –

But can it be that simple to get rid of
the toxic people put in your hands by
fail you? Become liberated by clearly
perceive and describe what you really
have been affected by?

Voltaire claimed you cannot cope with
world and life events by describe and
dress them in romanticized ideas, like
all is good whatever is and everything
surely happens for the best

It’s too easy though to just turn your
back to utopian views and ideas for to
cultivate your garden the best you can.

Shortcomings are everyone’s fate and
sooner or later you will need help with
the care of your “garden” – and then
troubles and struggle may really begin
for you, because hell is the others, as
Sartre once showed in his play

People are poison and I have tried to be
“a rock and an island” and not bother if
anyone spits on me but be my own best
friend and be on my own – but it doesn’t
work so well, I’m ultimately a human like
any other – so it use to end up with I feel
extremely lonely and starts howling for
someone to like me and care about me

What would we be or do without others?

hand holding a bowl



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