Aging (Give me the beat…)


The drummer gives the beat and
then the guitarist falls in and
take the lead, the singer awaits
his turn, smiling like an old fox –
as he has been singing the song for
decades and thousand times before…

Casillero-del-Diablo-It’s late in night and I stay watch
music videos and drink red wine.
And all what is red in me is just
Casillero-del-Diablo-the wine – as there is no blood
left in my old dried veins.

Yes, my mood is blue and
low, but the wine taste good,
it’s a Chilean wine called
“Devil’s locker”, but it’s
softening as an angel’s
healing hands.

It was a little old lady
in the liquor shop tipping
me this is her favorite
wine. Her nice appearance
made me recall the clever
Miss Marple – and therefore
I decided to give her fancy
wine a try. I don’t regret it!

Miss Jane Marple

Miss Jane Marple

I’ve now and then lately
been lost in past events
sudden coming into my
mind. Just like with a
very old person. And I’m
certainly old, but not that
old! So it worries me.

Actually, everything been
the last past years worries
me. Speeding in aging and
a pronounced lack of health
and the hole in my heart…

Years have passed since I last
was hold in loving arms and I
have almost forgot how it’s like.
And there’s moments when I
fear it will never be again.

It all makes me depressed.
you play me again korr 2

What’s left seems to be – to
gloomy limp to my grave, no
silver lining – but I fear my
urge for love and closeness
put me at risk to make my
discomfort to a fiddling
country song and a silly
line dance.

Losing my skill with words.

Of all terrible and demanding
things I’ve been through in my
life, aging is the worst and most
disgusting of it all. I know well
it’s not comme il faut to say this,
but it’s anyway true.

Stevie Nicks, Fletwood Mac, perfoms "Silver Spring"

Stevie Nicks, Fletwood Mac, perfoms “Silver Spring”

I stay watching videos to dawn.
I don’t want to go to my bed and
sleep. I may die in sleep if I do!
… and the night is long!

Another video… a piano gives
the tune and the drummer falls
in behind the melody, softly
whispering. A blonde woman
sings a song she wrote decades
ago as if the words are valid
even today – and they are! Only
her eyes and jaw line have aged.
And the words makes her no
longer to cry. At least not on
stage. But what do we know!

All the good lyrics in this imperfectclip-art-sleeping-897182
world carries me through dark nights
and all worries for what is and is not.

Yes, music soothe me and songs keep
my dreams alive. They tells me what
is real and essential in life and what’s
possible for anyone – even for me.




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