Summer and sunshine gone

yellow leaves

He has his home and place between her
thighs, but where is he now? Where is he?

Autumn comes far too early this year and
a carpet of yellow leaves hide and bury her
green dreams. She stands alone at a bus stop,
but where will she go? Yes, where will she go,
now when he’s gone? She has lost everything.

All what is left is this brutal painful longing,
burning her heart and silky skin between
her thighs – in memory holding his body
tender and tight to her. Where is he?

She stands at a bus stop in a no-man’s-land
and she is lost. All this sadness eats her up
from the inside out. All in her has become
a crater of pain and grief. Where is he?
Where is he? Why is this?

Summer and sunshine gone, the green grass
covered with yellow leaves. Her eyes dried out
of tears and life is a scream of anxiety in her.
Where is he? Why is this happening to her?

She is lost at a bus stop somewhere in the world.
She is a stranger even to herself and she doesn’t
know where to go or what to return to. Summer
and sunshine gone and autumn breeze is nothing
but icy cold despair.

Photo by Richard Hooker the series “By the Bus Stop”

Photo by Richard Hooker the series “By the Bus Stop”

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