Looking for Mr. Goodman

tjej med kikare






I’m looking for Mr. Goodman.

When Mr. Goodman comes to me
everything will be good.

Yes, when Mr. Goodman walks in,
my life will be all good.

But where can he be?

I’ve been looking and waiting,
been looking and waiting and
I’m still looking for a good man
who can get my world go round.

But can he be?

“Life is good”, Mr. Goodman declared
“but it depends on your companions”.

Would you like to be my companion,
Mr. Goodman?

Where are you?

A friend told me once he can’t be good
and real, because he’s an online fellow.

This friend, she is not my friend

Later on I dropped Mr. Goodman too
when he asked me to send him money
for his flight ticket to me.

Yet I miss him! Yes, I do.

(But you simply don’t ask a lady born
in the zodiac sign Taurus for money.)

I still look around for a Mr. Goodman!
Have you seen him? I miss him! Yes…

…what a pity! He had such kissable lips!
And his slender, artistic hands looked like
a beauty dream – giving me visions.

Oh Mr. Goodman, my good man?
Are you there? Where are you now!

Oh Mr. Goodman, my good man.
Can you be, can you be?

If only you could be!






I have written about Mr. Goodman before:

the entry at: 1 November 2012 where-are-you-mr-goodman

Where are you Mr. Goodman?
Posted on 1 November, 2012

Where are you, Mr. Goodman? The maple tree
outside my bedroom window has lost all its leaves
and the puddles on the streets freezes to ice,
the cold is creeping into the walls that embraces
the rooms there I walk around with you on my mind.

Where are you Mr. Goodman? Is the sun shining
at your place? Are you happy or sad? Are you really
suffering from not being with me, as you said?
Or was it only what you thought I wanted to hear?
Are you a phony who makes a laugh out of me?

Where are you Mr. Goodman? Bleak November
is now here. The TV is my company – News and Shows
with chatter and faked laughs in a Brave New World.
Will you ever tell me your real name, Mr. Mystery Man?
Or am I only a distant enticing whisper in your ear?

Where are you, Mr. Goodman? The full moon
at nights illuminates the silver strands in my dark hair.
You said you wanted to put my name on the rainbow for
everybody to see how much you love me. But all I want
is you to be real and coloring my life with your love.

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