Lemons, sweets and dust

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”



(Reflecting Toritto’s blog entry July 5 “Old blue Eyes”)



Oh mirror on my bathroom wall
you don’t love me anymore, no!
But who in the world is the man
I see watching me?

When your brown eyes turns blue
and your vision blurred, you face
again how times has rushed from
you. All those years flowing before
your eyes and through your soul.
They are all gone now.

Lemons, sweets and dust.
And what’s left? Just the dust?

And now again and even more, life
has marked your body with its soiled
fingerprint. And in instant fear you
ask your bathroom mirror: who is
that man looking at me with eyes
so scared, turning blue?

It’s you, it’s you, the mirror answers
merciless – and you know! Yes, you
know in heart, it’s simply not true.
You’re still the boy, once.

Lemons, sweets and dust.
And what’s left? Just the dust?

Oh mirror, mirror on my bathroom wall,
kindly close down and leave me in peace,
there’s still joys in life you clearly cannot
reflect – obvious you’re not one of them!
So I tell you now – you and me, we’re done!
And I will leave you for what is to come:

Lemons, sweets and dust. Yes,
even what’s left, just the dust!

Black pearl

Black pearl

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