Summer blues (I could call it a mood)






I could call it a mood,
but it’s more than a mood –
I’ve been low now for some
days and I realize I might have
become depressed? But for what
reason? There is no reason to be!

No, as everything is quite normal
and it is summer alright and all
is good. The only that is not
good is this persistent
mind thing, holding
me under a cloud.

So, I have no cause for
this! I could as well be happy
and enjoy my days. And I try and
try again to shake this gloom of me,
but I’m stuck with the summer blues.

I feel as if everything is running away
from me – years, life, summer, love
joys. Yes, everything that could be,
but is not. And all what remains
with me is this sad bad mood,
giving me no peace.

Now June with all its hopes has
passed and fat July is here – and
July is a potato field, everyone is
on vacation, everything is closed,
nothing moves except the caravans –
yes, August will come so vibrant, but
by then summer will soon be gone.

And what am I doing?
Well, I’m doing the laundry
and then I watch Sleepless in
Seattle on TV with a glass of white,
with my cat deeply sleeping on my lap!

I’m good, but I do have a little remorse
for having bought a lot of clothes for
the sake for all my summer dreams
(I always do) those who seldom
comes true, but still returns!

Oh summer times, so full of hopes, promises
and dreams! And then this mood stuck on me!


Summer dreams, acrylic painting by Aldo Luongo

Summer dreams, acrylic painting by Aldo Luongo

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