When a man want you

When a man want you
When a man want you
red_rose-1483879 nnnnWhen a man want you…

When a man want
something from you

… he shows you his bare chest
and his naked heart

red_rose-1483879 nnnnhis heart…

beating, only for you

And he gives you roses
a lot of roses or
just one
but it’s the same – you are

red_rose-1483879 nnnnthe air he breathes, his whole life…
so he say…

So much attention
and just for you!

yes, and a lot of time
a lot of time…

red_rose-1483879 nnnnand he’s on you so much, you
just give up and let him have you

(just to get some rest)
(yes, but you’re flattered, admit it!)

(and he got your heart to bit harder, your
blood to rush, you simply want him)
red_rose-1483879 nnnn
But when he finally
got you, he sudden
have so many excuses
for not having time
for you

red_rose-1483879 nnnnhe tells you now

he has a work
and he has friends –
all neglected because of you,
but actually in need of his time too

and then… he has his hobbies,
red_rose-1483879 nnnnlike fitness and football and
watching TV, able to be sloppy
and unshaved, just lazing around
(he not tell the later, but you wished
for some rest too, didn’t you, yes…
even to be unshaved!)

he has so little time, he tells you
red_rose-1483879 nnnnbut
you have plenty of time,
yes, that’s he say…

(“The cheeky bastard” your best friend say,
but you refuse for long to hear what she say)


red_rose-1483879 nnnnyes, you are waiting
and waiting…

and keep on waiting as you now see yourself
as being in a relationship

(you can’t see what he sees,
as you only see his back)

red_rose-1483879 nnnnYou want to talk

with him,

yes, you want him,
but he’s become like a foreigner

red_rose-1483879 nnnnand you ask yourself why you always
have to talk to a man’s back, yes why is that…
“What is wrong with men?”

The sun had shone so hot and vibrating
on you
but now you are put in a shadow,

red_rose-1483879 nnnn(well, he denies that and
say he loves you like before,
but it is NOT like BEFORE!)

…but you are a hero and a fighter and
you keep on talking and talking

to his back

red_rose-1483879 nnnnalways to his back

Until the day you tell him you are fed up
with him and it all… his
muteness, his sloppy manners,
his ignorance…

Then he (might) show up his naked chest,
red_rose-1483879 nnnnhis hurt heart (beating for you), even tears,
yes, even tears and that’s shocking –
men’s tears, yes…!

But you have already your walking shoes on…

… and you’re walking girl!
(Yes, keep walking woman, you have a life to live)

man rygg
kelly hansen I want to know korr

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