June coming, I study my spider veins








I am told more than once later years, when
I point my age as a fact to take into account,
age is nothing but a figure. So tell me where
did my figure go and from where comes those
spider veins? At 27 I walked bare foot and my
legs was my pride. But now I have knee socks
with supporting effect and soft insole sandals.

Aged, you are not only banished into a shadow,
but you rather search for a shaded place, not to
get more pigment spots – and as you can’t cope
the heat any longer.

If happy to stay alive, one has to face those
embarrassing shortcomings of an aged body.
And more – old age challenges the individual
to live and cope with the upcoming divergence
between the outer – the failing body – and
the interior – mind and heart. Because a heart
never ages but stay with the same emotional
needs and urges; and maturity of the mind is
not automatically provided with higher age!

To be told then “age is just a number”, is
simply a “hush hush”!

Thus, experiences of aging often remains
unspoken, not shared. Because we older
rarely can talk about it and younger people
don’t want to hear about it (as it probably
arouses their fear to become dependent,
facing the own mortality).

Age is phases with different challenges, them
all having something important to teach us.
Age is certainly not only a figure.
That’s bullshit told!

Everybody should be allowed and allow
themselves to fully participate and express
the phase of life they’re living through.

That is anyway the thoughts coming to me,
while I critically studying my spider veins –
facing bare legged June standing at the door
challenging me with floral summer skirts.





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