It is Friday May 13


I wake up on Friday, May 13 and
my eyes are inflamed and I can not
see you here with me, but my gums
have an abscess that hurts a lot and
I have a crack in the corner of mouth
preventing me to smile at you, if you
only had been around – anyway, my
neck is stiff and sore and my head
aches, as well as all the joints and
muscles in my entirely body and my
Pollen2nose tells me I have a bad cold and
you type me in a text message I right
now and straight away should go to
the health center, I’m looking out
my window and it’s gloomy and sun
is hiding, yet all the leaves on all
trees is bursting out and bird cherry
blossoms all over and it all tells and
promises romances, as May it is –
but love is not here, as you are not
here, but far away and it is certainly
a Friday the 13th, may go away!


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