Go home Obama!






go home Obama we don’t want
you to tell us what to do, kindly
run your own house before you
try to run Europe and take your
baby the Free Trade Agreement
with you when you leave…

what’s wrong with our leaders?
we’re told we’re blessed living in
democracies and should honor
and defend our systems by vote
in elections, but then our elected
traveler world around in business
dog leach, shaking hands with
tyrants chasing Freedom Rights?

then Swedish prime minister goes
to India for trades, Obama goes
to Europe caring anti-democratic
trades, tells the British what kind
of biscuit for tea, the Germans
what Würste auf Sauerkraut

but people will not be fooled by this
presidental lip service to democracy
and welfare, simply from a hypocrite
guided by economic interests, once
a brilliant speaker, now empty words
with no heart soul and no soul




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