Nothing is forever (I’ll still listen to my heart)

Nothing is forever, nothing ever
last, so I once learned and so still
stands. But my heart has showed
me it is strong. It has its own logic
and I must obey its demands. My
heart has been burned to ashes
so many times by sorrows and
disappointments. But every time
it has reborn like a phoenix. My
heart constantly teaches me joy
and sorrows are equals and only
different states of same element;
all emotions flows from the same
source in me. Therefore, I cannot
opt out what is dreary and only
open me up for what is nice and
pleasant. It’s hard bids, but with
time and maturity I have gained
solace and confidence: tomorrow
may come with light – and joy is
still a possibility. And so I want it
to be – my heart sings to me and
I trustfully listen to its tune.




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