Nothing special has happened

stratus korr
Delayed day. I haven’t dined yet and I’m really hungry.
I’m just coming out from the grocery shop carrying a
weighty plastic bag. And it became a bit weighty day,
yes! A look at sky – heavy heaven, deeply dark blue.
I’ll be lucky get home dry! Big, sporadic raindrops falls
like tears at the asphalt in front of my feet when I start
my walk home. Don’t bother, I tell myself – it was only
a minor dispute! Hurry home, make dinner and forget
about it! “After all – tomorrow is another day!” And
that is what I do, goes home while plan for my dinner.
And the sky holds back! When I passes the meadow
near the house there I live and still safe and dry, I can
hear the rain rustle in the thick tan last year’s grass
behind me. It’s early evening the latest day in March,
life still goes on and nothing special has happened.




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