Something like that

Yeah well, you’re 30 now or something
like that and your clock is ticking. Yet
you want to believe you are still young
and world still stands open as at 20, but
a dreamy day your measures were taken
and your suit sewn. The route is laid –
yes, something like that!

Not measure yourself as being a tenner
(or something like that), you met a woman
living on her edge and you wanted to take
her on – as it would be great for her, you
imagined! (Something like that, yes?)

Yes, you wanted it simple and easy, but
you got it hard (or something like that)!

You refuse to think about life’s end,
or something like that and tell me in
denial no one knows who will die
first, you or me. But no matter how
you turn it around, it’s not about “if”
or something like that, but “when”!

You love dearly today, but you will
forget or be forgotten before the sun
goes down. Or something like that.

Oh I know – tender loving moments,
you and I and the sun shining through
blinds, chasing away the clouds feeling
small and insignificant; make life good!
Yes, I would love something like that!


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