I see your light is on

light-in-darkness-744271I see your light is on
and I miss you now
I stand in shadows
invisible in dark
watching you
missing you


John Bauer, Prins i Månland

John Bauer, Prins i Månland

It’s hard for him now. But I sense
my tense stress melts away and in
my mirror I see me bloom: that’s
what his love should have brought
me! Really, there was no room for
me in his love. I believe I was just
a kind of tool – to get his love bells
jingling. Oh yes, there’s bitterness
in my voice! But I trust time and
poetry will heal my soul!


There are days I can only live on, because die and bury myself would be too expensive and far over (my energy and) my assets. When I wake up such a day and looks out my bedroom window – and sees a sunny and nice day, I spontaneously burst out a loud “ugh!” Because a sunny morning demands you: seize the day, go for a walk, do something of your life! And you just have no strength for it. A gray and dreary day requires nothing of you. It just lumbers by your side as an undemanding, faithful old dog. Yes, a single dreary day can actually be a relief and a carrier – to another day!


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