Men with one eye – once with a cause


Just because you are a famous right activist and admired by an uncritical crowd you are not above the law. Your admirers are either too lazy or stupid to do basic research about your private activities, but gets furious over your dirty laundry became public in media; uncritical minds creating and spreading a weird kind of conspiracy theory. You, who likes to leak secrets and become liked for that!  What a joke!

Your believers mix up you as a person being synonym with to the organization you once created – and you fools them to do so, in order to save your ass. You might became speed blinded by the spotlight of the fame and success. That’s human and forgivable. But this fame and admiration you have earned, does not mean you can allow you to force your penis in any other living being and satisfy yourself (using no protection, that in the first place were the two women’s primary concern) – if the object for your desire not want to have your boy in its flesh. It is a criminal act as well for leaders and celebrities as for a common man.

To hide from justice as you have done and still do is hardly an arbitrary deprivation performed by the justice of Sweden. The Swedish prosecutor simply demands to question you about your past behaviour and the accusations against you. To “be a man” is to take the consequences of your actions, not run from justice and then demand compensation in money for it by Britain and Sweden, (the taxpayers’ i.e.).

With good memory another guy rot in jail in the United States for 35 years, it’s your source. And your latest contribution to the world is to let a plaintiff woman flag as a “honey trap”; continuing to insult her integrity  – and further more you involve lawyers becoming confused liars and rumour spreaders. It’s just disgusting, and hardly worth the admiration you get from people! And what about this embassy dramaturgy you performs – is it a variety of the Stockholm syndrome, or what?

Would you during a period of a legal process in Sweden be at risk to face extradition demands from the United States to the Government of Sweden? Yes, the risk seems to be obvious – if you fall for the fearing ghosts created in your head and if you do not know the Swedish Society and stubborn ignores to find out about it. Yet your anxiety, Swedish government cannot discuss pending litigation, as the legal system is an independent institution in democracy as Sweden. During Vietnam war the Americans citizens who fled the war could stay as refugees in Sweden, but that is hardly an option for you.  Therefore, I guess you have to sit on that embassy for the time barred ten years and cost the Swedish and British taxpayers a lot of money.

Are you worth that much? No! You are just a weird guy with a weird upbringing that became a weird querulant and you will die the same. If guys like Michael Moore and Edward Snowden supports and cradles you in your victim role and in your self-righteous bubble, it simply means that they are either very ill-informed and/or also lives in  private bubbles. Or that they do not care to inform themselves about the background to your situation with the Swedish justice, because of own political reasons. Or maybe they consider men’s violence against women as a trifle?

Who need anyway all these one-eyed self-righteous men – once with a good cause? You
all starts as rebellios eye-opener and freedom fighters and ends up serving us manipulated “truths”. Nah, you and the other dudes can take your unreliable  penises in your sullied hands and leave for Saudi Arabia, so suitable by UN chosen to be chairman for human rights (that they are so good at!), and stay there the remaining lifetime living in celibacy, you eunuchs of  minds.

bradley chelsea manning

US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning arrives alongside military officials at a US military court facility to hear his sentence in his trial at Fort Meade, Maryland on August 21, 2013. A sentencing decision will be announced later Wednesday. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB

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