A day in January

As often, I have spent time before
noon reading online newspapers.
It’s January now, the month when
the light returns and the days gets
longer. The dark season recedes!
It is cold out and yet the sun shines
bright through the windows and
my living room looks very dusty…

So I dust my room and while I do it,
I feel a bit sad and disappointed, as
I think of another one who couldn’t
measure up to become a real friend.

I live in Sweden and Sweden is
such a small country, but life is
big and hard and more than I
can handle. It such a fuss about
little things but what’s real and
important to people is handled
under the table, hush hush, or
put aside as to be too complex.

I dust now and after cleaning
my room and my mind, I’ll go
out and I know so well it’s such
a day today when the chill and
the sun will make it glimmer in
the snow like thousands stars –
and I make a memo in my mind:
“don’t forget to see it!”

TT jan -16

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