It’s a friend’s birthday today

“Messenger” informed me it’s your birthday today.
It’s five months since we last talked, but I texted
you three months ago to remind you of your
absence – and on my phone you are listed under
letter “A” just before my son’s name – so every
day for months now I’ve been reminded about
your absence and I’ve missed you: you who said
more than once you wished our friendship would
last “forever”, then sudden you were just offline
and not available, yet I would never insist on any
to be in touch if they don’t want to, but despite
that I called your number today to congratulate
you on your birthday – but all I got was a machine
voice repeating “The number you have dialled is
not in use, or is temporarily disconnected”, I called
back more than once to listen to that message to
get it into my head we not only lost contact, you
have deliberately cut me out of your life – for no
reason at all, as we were all good last we spoke –
so what will I do now, keep your number on my
phone under letter “A”, every day to remind and
torment me you can really never trust anyone who
wants to be “friends forever” – or will I delete you
(too) and forget about how deceitful friends can
be – even a loving guy like you – only to be hurt
again and again in future times? But can one really
choose to live without friends and people to love?
Can I? Can you? Can anyone?






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