We will never be complete (2 poems)

(human incompleteness on two levels in life)

We will never be complete and we will
die in the middle of our incompleteness,
not yet done with life. Now the wicked
wants to cause us so much harm as they
possibly can with their bloody rampage;
make our lives even more uncompleted,
by brutally cut them off in their bloom.

The deeds of devil’s children makes us
aware of how fragile the own life is and
that of others, aware of our inconstancy,
aware of how we actually can choose to
value life within our limited time – and
whatever bad, that’s actually goodness
coming out of evil intentions…

So not even the evil ones succeed to
be completely what they want to be –
evil! They plants the dragon’s teeth
on our fields and we water this bad
seeds and salts the fields with our
terrified tears. Yet…

The dragons in their self-selected
deaths and destructions will never
see the light in heaven and they
can’t experience the beauty of life.

But we can – and we can experience
love in its full extent of joy and pain,
even if we are totally incomplete!




Began the morning by thinking of my
tasks for the day, those kinds I’ve no skill
for, but can’t flee, like pay the bills. And
so little useful – I got anxiety and instantly
my thought fled and stretched out for you.
You, who cannot be of any support for me.
We cannot talk about anything complex,
because you understand nothing. Yet –
you’ve ambitions about me – and only
heaven knows why, for we live separately
and offshore and all we currently say is –
“Everything is fine, thanks”. So there I
was and here I am, handed to myself and
my shortcomings and incompleteness.


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