Everybody’s talking Paris

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Everyone’s talking Paris now –
the city of love and city of light –
where dreams faded like dust
in a blink by random killings;
pale people gather for solace
from living and loving others;
talks and talks tightly together
how illusory and fragile life is

Everyone’s talking Paris now,
once a city of love and of light,
now target for paybacks on
Europe; people lost in fears
when streets – once built to
safely carry everyone from
dawn to dusk and through
the dark – became scenes for
devil’s deeds; now crowded
with heavily armed police

Everyone’s talking Paris now,
city of love and city of light;
now people lost in horror and
in denial of past, cry out our
“human dignity” and “liberty'”
are at stake – but Europe is
not “we” or “ours” and we’re
not “the good ones”; yet –
everywhere, it’s the innocent
who randomly gets killed or
survive to suffering sorrows

And what are we doing then –
we close them out into cold

Everybody’s talking Paris now,
Berlin or Stockholm tomorrow
cities of love and cities of light,
cities of fears and lost dreams;
I say – how dark is not the dark
and how bright is not the light?
How illusory and fragile are not
our precious lives when guns
and violence speaks? Terrified
now, yet with time we always
regain our trust in others – our
weakness is our strength

paris korr

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