Hassan Blasim, A refugee in the European Paradise

Hassam Blasim

Hassam Blasim

I’ve taken me the liberty to translate a poem By Hassan Blasim
Originalets titel: Laji’ fi-l-janna al-urubiyya

I read today this poem by Hassan Blasim  in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) translated into Swedish by Jonathan Morén.

Hassan Blasim (born 1973) is an Iraqi-born film director and writer who lives in Finland. He writes in Arabic. 

My translation below into English is made from the translation into Swedish.

A refugee in the European Paradise

You escapes death.
They beat you at the borders.
They humiliates you in the racist press.
They analyze your child’s dead body
on TV.
They meet to discuss your past and
your future.
They make paintings showing
how you drown.
They hang them up on their museums
and applauds.
They decide to stop beat you and
set up a military force to fight you.
Academicians grants new fundings’ to
conduct research about your soul and
your body.
Politicians drink red wine after a special
meeting about your destiny.
They study history in search of a solution
for your numb daughter in the cold forest.
Neo-Nazis swear upon you and burn down
your house.
Neo-fascists climbs into the parliaments
on your shoulders.
You are the old ones and the young ones
They cry crocodile tears over your pain.
They go out and demonstrate against you
and build walls.
Green activists put up pictures of you
on the streets.
Others sit on the couches, writes bored
comments to the image of you on Facebook
and goes to bed.
They remove your humanity with their sly
and sharp discussions.
They writes you today and wipe you out
with their egoism next morning.
They expect to find their own humanity
with the help of your tragedy.
They let you in to their paradise and whip
you day and night of fear for your eyes,
which shines of horror and hope.
The past falls asleep and wakes up in you.
The present besieging you.
You breed children to their paradise and
you’re aging.
You die.



Hassan Blasim, dikt i DN
”En flykting i det europeiska paradiset” av Hassan Blasim – DN.SE
www. dn.se/dnbok/en-flykting-i-det-europeiska-paradiset-av-hassan-blasim/
Originalets titel: Laji’ fi-l-janna al-urubiyya
Översättning från arabiska: Jonathan Morén

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