Love trouble, time trouble

She complains she not get enough
time with him and he say to her he
thinks about her all the time. As if I
were a mind reader, she says sour.

He has very little time, but she has
a lot of time, he tells. She respond
that’s her point: he hasn’t any time
for her! He say that wasn’t what he
meant, “I love you and all I want is
to make you happy”.

It seems to her then he’s not really
listen to what she’s trying to say –
missing him makes her suffer and
she’s so very bored of it all.

At times he fears she’ll leave him and
wants her to insure him she won’t do
it. And anxiously he say “I love you” –
again and again! As if the phrase is a
magic chant that’ll cure her from her
dissatisfactions – and she thinks:

Oh dear, love was all you wanted and
dreamed of and now when you finally
got it you don’t know what to do with it
and you still dream of future delights!
“When we will be together all the time!”

And she ask herself “do I really have
time for this?”



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