Sitting on a park bench

A lady sits on a bench in Sefton Park, Liverpool during the warm spring weather korr






She’s sitting on a park bench –
“just a minute more”, she tells
herself “it’s nice here, a really
good day indeed, not too hot
and not cold either and people
around; not much of pains and
that’s nice too – yes, a minute
more…” and then she’ll have
her short and painful moment
to get up on her feet with all
her bad joints objecting. Her
thought slips for a second to
home, but “home is not much
of a home now when they all
are gone”, a sudden emotion
she instantly rejects – ”yet, it’s
a place of your own and that’s
still something”. Yes, she’ll stay
a minute more, then she’s gone.

I see me in her – a while away!


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