Here and gone

take-off-16xxggv 3
What if – you live like a snail,
slowly crawling on the ground
and not like a free bird who flies,
now here and then gone?

What if?

I love the forest and all
the forest flowers, hidden
under the fir – but I’m tied
to concretes and streets.

A man stuck at a production line
and shifts, it all becomes work,
sleep and eat – and a dream
of love that’s here not gone.

What if?

If I could sing I would sing for you
love songs that could fly like free
birds in the sky, here and
not gone.

But you don’t want my songs, but
me on a jet plane to you, easy
coming like a bird fly in sky,
here and but not gone.

What if?

But what if your dream is a trap
that’ll snap us both? Because what
we want apart, is where we are and
not gone where the other is.

corrected April -17

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