Mr Solitary Man Mystery

I said, hello Mr Solitary Man,
do you still feel like lonely?

No, he said. You’re with me
now, that’s why I’m not alone

I said, but I’m far from you.
Yes, but not far from my heart,
he said.

Oh, you’re a poet, I said. No,
he said, not I but you are.
(Yes, right!)

It’s amazing he found me – and
I hadn’t a clue how it would
turn out to be!

As by chance it actually happened
Mr Solitary Man and Miss Lonely
met on internet!

And – so far it seems to work just
fine for the two!

But is it true? Yes – and yes but

Mr Solitary were never alone, no
matter how he once felt. And my
solitude is based in the solid rock.

I like to be alone sometimes, but
I don’t like to feel lonely, he told
me. Yes me neither, I said.

But love is like a butterfly, you
can’t catch it with your needs.

And Miss Lonely can hardly be –
in spite she’s lonely, a cut flower
to put in an unworldly love story.

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